The Oppo A15 has been launched in October this year and comes with the latest specification and a complete smooth Android interface with all the Google Apps pre installed. The A15 OPPO is equipped with a 16 Mega Pixels camera with laser Auto Focus and f/2.0 aperture for amazing photo quality. The OPPO A15 is also loaded with high resolution screen which is coated with Gorilla glass for extra clarity, impressive connectivity features like USB Type C, MMS, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi Direct, GPS, OMA, OTP and ZEISS. The OPPO A15 has a whole host of connectivity options which are standard with all the Oppo phones. A15 OPPO

If one needs to own a smart phone with a whole host of connectivity features, the Oppo A series from Oppo is a great choice as it has them all. The A series from Oppo comes with a stylish slim design with a full QWERTY keyboard. One can easily use the phone with its beautiful rectangular screen, large enough for viewing text and graphics. There are no physical home buttons on the phone and one can just touch on any application or menu option to perform a task.

The Oppo A15 has an advanced dual core processor that gives it the performance power one would come to expect from a smartphone these days. For power hungry tasks, the 2 megahertz octa core processor from the Oppo A15 allows one to enjoy excellent web and internet browsing performance. It also has two gigabytes of RAM for running apps smoothly. The connectivity options that come with the phone are quite vast too, allowing one to connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to access the internet.

The OPPO Avanti CMotion is one of the sleekest and lightest phones that one can buy. The Avanti CMotion has a brushed metal body and is just over six inches in size. It looks like one is holding a candy bar. The Avanti CMotion runs on a single four megahertz processor and has two megapixel cameras, one in a self-timer and the other in a digital mode. One can upload their photo galleries and images directly to their PC or use the built in micro SD card for the same purpose. One can even synchronize their data between the Avanti CMotion and their existing email account.

The Oppo Avanti CMotion also comes with a variety of add ons which give it an extra boost. The Quickoffice software helps one file a document very quickly without the assistance of a professional. One can also edit, format, repair and scan the same document using their respective software. The Bluetooth function lets one connect their Avanti with other wireless devices such as mobile phones, cordless Phones and MP3 Players. The built-in flash drive storage gives one ample space to store more documents.

The Avanti CMotion is perfect for one who wants to work from the convenience of their house. This phone enables one to work anywhere in the room with its high-speed internet connection. The phone dials through speaker by making a noise and vibrates when the user presses any of the numerical buttons. This phone has a general memory of approximately 4 GB and does not have any space for any additional software. It can be connected to WIFI at any point and can also be used as a PDA. It can also be connected to a PC using the USB cable and any document can be uploaded to it.

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